Simulation Driven Product Development

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We always strive to evolve every project to the next level using our best engineers epxertise and critical thinking, applied to each an every stage from initial design to prototype testing.

Engineering has evolved from relying on paper calculations and physical experiments to leveraging computer simulations that consider a wide range of real-world operating conditions, including multiple physical effects. By using simulation to understand how products will actually perform under a broad spectrum of life scenarios, engineers can reduce design uncertainty and the risk of failure — leading to a much higher probability that product promises will be kept. Simulating an entire product early in the design cycle, can address the most likely sources of system failure before those sources are locked into the design. Multiphysics simulation enables engineers to understand and weigh the trade-offs they make when they improve one aspect of their product’s complex performance.


FEAC’s award-winning team is at your disposal to solve any question you may have. Every call to FEAC is a call to action. Committed to providing the highest quality technical support in the industry, our service team is available to you 24/7. Our specialized & certified technicians are available to quickly respond to your needs, either by phone, remote connection to your PCs or even by visiting your premises. We assist you with questions about software operation or assessment and evaluation of your simulation models and workflows. This saves you time and secures your results. Contact FEAC for your support and let us exceed your expectations!


Whether you are:

  • A first-time or expert user of SIEMENS PLM solutions with a single license
  • A team leader with a team of engineers who have enterprise-wide access to SIEMENS PLM software
  • A company with access to the SIEMENS PLM software, with customization and advanced simulation needs
  • A company without a license of any SIEMENS PLM portfolio product, with or without specialization in simulation models but with need of accurate simulation results that only the SIEMENS PLM portfolio provides
  • An academic department, a laboratory or a single student with or without an academic license

FEAC’s Consulting Services can help you realize your needs. If you need mentoring on the most efficient use of a SIEMENS PLM simulation product; a comprehensive evaluation of your current simulation processes with a roadmap for improvement; a complete installation, set up, deployment and optimization of your SIEMENS PLM software or a complete outsource of your project, Contact FEAC and we will guide you with solutions that best meet your unique needs.


FEAC Engineering organizes events to:

  • present, promote and discuss the latest developments in the SIEMENS PLM portfolio
  • discuss new engineering & modeling trends and
  • exchange ideas in the field of numerical simulation and how it can boost the productivity and creativity of an organization

The events are organized in Greece, Cyprus and Malta. Upon request, there is the possibility to organize an event at the premises of a company or a cluster of companies, an academic institute, an exhibition, a conference, etc. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated on the forthcoming events.


In line with the growing simulation needs, FEAC organizes training courses on specific topics which can be used as a refresher for the experienced engineers or introduction to the newcomers in the world of engineering simulation. Choose from a range of essential topics offered at multiple times during the year and enrich your skills & CV by becoming an officially certified SIEMENS PLM portfolio user. For special topics on demand, Contact us to discuss your needs, the agenda of the course and the potential dates. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date and plan ahead the training programs for you and your engineering team.