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HEEDS automates and transforms the design exploration process. Instead of starting with a specific design and using simulation to understand how it performs, you can start with your performance objectives and let HEEDS drive your simulation software to identify families of high performing designs.

HEEDS identifies design variables such as geometric quantities or material parameters in such a way that the product or process performance attributes are met.

With HEEDS, you first define virtual prototype that has parameters “to play with” using any number of internal or commercial CAD or CAE tools. Then, HEEDS automates the evaluation of multiple design variants and efficiently searches the available design space to find designs that meet or exceed performance targets.

HEEDS has been used successfully across many industries to:

  • Improve design processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce design time
  • Lower prototyping costs and drive innovation

Powerful Features

Using HEEDS helps companies align resources with the value of simulation by providing four technology enablers for streamlining virtual product development, including: process automation; distributed execution; efficient search; and insight and discovery assessments.

  • Using HEEDS software helps you automate and simplify virtual prototyping initiatives.

  • Using HEEDS provides you with transparent and automatic distributed execution functionality that helps you accelerate the process of testing virtual prototypes. By using HEEDS, you can effectively leverage your existing hardware investment as the solution allows efficient use of all your hardware resources, including local, remote, cluster and cloud computing.

  • HEEDS includes proprietary design exploration functionality that is used to simultaneously leverage multiple global and local search strategies, and adapt the search as it learns more about the design space.

  • Using HEEDS gives you the ability to easily explore performance trade-offs during the virtual prototype design process and effectively facilitate design reviews.

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