Real FEA Made Easy



With Femap you can predict and improve product performance and reliability.

By reducing time-consuming and costly physical prototyping and testing, Femap allows you to evaluate different designs and materials, optimise your designs and reduce material cost.


Femap is CAD-independent and can access geometry data from all major CAD systems including CATIA, Pro/Engineer, NX, Solid Edge, SolidWorks and AutoCAD. Once imported you can prepare the model for analysis using the comprehensive geometry cleanup tools available. Femap also offers a wealth of geometry creation and modification functions so you can make necessary model changes in preparation for finite element model creation.

Powerful Features

  • Preparation of geometry in readiness for finite element model creation and meshing is a task that can typically be laborious and time consuming. Femap works well with imported CAD data and offers interactive geometry clean up, removal and modification tools to identify and heal potentially problematic geometry efficiently and easily. Femap also has the ability to automatically clean up geometry and remove or suppress unwanted small features not required for analysis. In addition, Femap offers additional capabilities in the interactive toolboxes that can modify and prepare the geometry for meshing, such as surface splitters, and combination curves and surfaces.

  • Femap offers access to all the main commercial analysis solvers with the ability to handle data peculiarities of the individual solver types easily and efficiently within its database and without having to manually change solver preferences.

  • Post solution, Femap offers more results processing tools to enable quick and efficient understanding of the behavior of the system under analysis. Postprocessing tools include time animations, streamlines, cutting planes, free-body diagrams, grid point force balance, bar and beam visualisation with results display on the beam cross section, shear and bending moment diagrams, and user-defined reports. Furthermore the Femap Data Table offers versatile results data processing functionality after the analysis has been completed.

  • Femap offers a comprehensive set of customisation tools including a fully featured application programming interface (API) and a facility to record, edit and play user-defined macros. The powerful API capability provides full access to all Femap functionality and allows external OLE/COM compliant programs such as Excel and Word to interact with Femap. Also available is a full-featured programming environment inside the Femap user interface that includes an interactive program debugging capability. With the macro capability, macros can be leveraged to record particular processes or workflows and facilitate the automation of repetitive modeling or analysis tasks.

FEMAP Introductory Video

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