About Us

FEAC Engineering is a leading solutions provider in Simulation Driven Engineering. Founded in 2014 and based in Greece, the company applies simulation expertise and operational experience to solve challenging & complex problems. FEAC operates in the global market and collaborates and partners with engineering companies, product manufacturers, research centers and universities. FEAC Engineering P.C. provides state of the art solutions throughout the product development cycle, from concept design to prototype testing.

FEAC Engineering conducts both Finite Element Method (FEM) & Boundary Element Method (BEM) to offer fast, efficient and highly-accurate results to our partners and clients. Our experienced world-class team has developed unique solutions in a wide range of sectors by optimizing products, systems, entities, phenomena and processes under real-world conditions.

FEAC Engineering P.C. uses the best in class, state-of-the-art Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools combined with the great experience & deep knowledge of professional engineers. This guarantees the reliability and accuracy of the provided engineering services while it helps reduce development costs, improve efficiency, enhance product performance and increase competitiveness.

The Founding Team

Sotiris Kokkinos

CEO - Business Development
M.Sc. Electrical Engineer

Following the sector of Telecommunications & Information Technology he became specialized in computer networks and wireless data transmission and has proven working experience in the fields of automation, renewable energy sources and telemetry. Mr. Sotiris Kokkinos is in charge of managing FEAC Engineering P.C. (CEO) and is responsible for the business development of the company.

Charilaos Kokkinos

CTO - FEA Section Leader
M.Sc. Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineer

After working at CERN as a FEA Analyst (member of the Magnet Design & Technology section) for the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) experiment where he gained expertise and extensive experience, he became senior FEA Specialist and CTO at FEAC Engineering. Under his supervision FEAC won the prestigious 2014 ANSYS Hall of Fame Simulation Competition.

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Archimedes 287 BC - 212 BC