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FEAC Engineering

Simulation Driven Product Development

When results and effieciency matter FEAC's premium engineering services can give your project the advantage over the competition
FEAC won the prestigious 2014 ANSYS Hall of Fame Simulation Competition. We strive to help you visualize, simulate, optimize and realize your ideas. Read more about the award

Some Of Our Partners And Clients

Although a young startup many high profile companies have trusted us and are already winning in their industries

Designing products can be relatively straightforward when they are simple, contain just a few parts and perform a single function — and when operating conditions can be perfectly controlled.

But this is not the world in which we live in. Today’s products are more complex, and deliver more sophisticated functionalities, than ever before. Engineers in every industry recognize that their designs are growing in complexity.

In the hyper-competitive global marketplace, engineering simulation has become an integral tool during the product development. It enables to not only be first to market, but also to lead in innovation, product quality and brand reputation.

At FEAC Engineering P.C., we strive to be the best in the fields of engineering simulation. FEAC aims at visualizing, simulating, optimizing and realizing your needs & ideas.

We welcome challenges.